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TR3X6G1866C9DF question


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I have been getting a lot of BSOD's recently and did a memtest86 run of my PC and am getting errors on the memory test whether i have it if i have it set at standard or on xmp1

on XMP1 i get a lot of BSOD's

when i have it set to standard there are little or no BSOD's


i have included a pic of the test


i have moved the ram around in the dimm slots

I have flashed my bios (MB EVGA X58 Classified) to the latest version E759_S21T




I guess my next step is to rma the ram again =/

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OK i just ran the MEMTEST 2.11 that you suggested and i get no errors using it. But why is it that when i enable the RAM in standard mode the system is stable but as soon as i enable the xmp1 profile i get non stop BSOD's ?



**EDIT**I've taken the advice you've given to vanguard and it seems to be working properly now. As for the memtest86 i thought the higher the version the more up to date it would be, what is the difference between the two 2.11 and 3.5? (just curious)


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