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8GB ram run fine on a 790i


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Hi guys , my first post.

I share my settings after my 8GB Corsair ram has passed 6 time memtest86+ 21.11 ,about 7 hours long without errors.


The two twin have a different revision number but this didn't affected the result.

In Bios: Linked and Synk. P1 and P2 Auto

memory timing 9-11-11-30-1T 6-41-12-16-25-7.8-88 (these are Optimal)

Vram 1.90 VcpuFSB 1.30 VSPP 1.40 Vcpu Auto VMCP Auto


Vram is higher than Corsair specs.:!: ask for more information at experts.


Do you think Vram is too high ? If lower, pc boot and seems stable but doesn't pass Memtest86+ without errors.

Bye O.

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I made only a pass with memtest+. No errors but I know you should test ram much longer. I use these settings only for gaming.

Temperature is lower if I use timings 9 and same cpu freq. 4 GHz 400x10.

I have set Vcpu Auto in Bios, using Everest trial I have seen with timing 9 Vcpu remain 1.29 - 1.30. With timings 8 Vcpu rises to 1.39.

Bye O.

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