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Dominator upgrading


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I am quite sure I posted a similar message this morning but I cannot find a trace of it.

My Abit AW9D Max (supported RAM speed 800 Mhz) is equipped with TWIN2x2048-6400C4D Dominator memories sticks. I need to upgrade to 4096 MB. I already learned that it is better to replace the old memories by 2x2048 MB sticks.

I cannot find these Dominator memories anymore. The only replacement sticks 6400 are the XMS2 6400C5 and C4 series.

The Dominator 8500C5 is listed in the accepted modules for Abit AW9D Max but is that a good choice ? (RAM speed of >800).

Will the present XMS 2 modules be as good as my 2 years old Dominator modules ?

2 yaers ago I had some difficulties to tune the MoBo to work correctly with the modules and I wish not to repeat that. So should I stick with the XMS2 6400C4 modules (4-4-4-12) as replacement (for Guy RAM reference to thread testing DDR of 10-09-2007 postid 312166).

What is the difference between the XMS2 and Dominator memories ?

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