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HX850W PSU burns HDs and DVD-ROM

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Here my story:

Yesterday I replaced my PSU with a more powerful HX850W.

After I pressed the power button the system posted like expected but could not boot, the error message was no boot disk found.

So I reopened the system to check the cabling, everything was fine but there was no noise coming from the disks.

At that time I thought that there is no power on the molex connector, I tried the other connectors but nothing.

Then I removed the HX850W and connected the old PSU - now the really sad part - still the same problem - no disks found.

I've checked the bios and saw that the DVD and the floppy drive was also gone, the front LED was also dark.

Than I measured the voltage with a ammeter, the result was that both PSUs deliver exactly 14V.

To exclude that something strage happened during the day I've connected a old 2.5" HD to the HX850W and let the system open to see whats happening when I switch it on.

What do you think? For about 2 seconds there was a strange noise (like krrkrrkrr) coming from the disk, than it was silent - RIP.


I'm not a electrician but I know that not only over voltage can destroy a electrical device, you can do that also with a high frequency. But it would be interesting when anybody could explain that.

The power cables that are connected to the mb and the gc are fine, at least theses parts are still alive.


Now my questions:

I know that the replacement of the PSU is no problem, but what is with the 4 HDs the DVD and the floppy drive, is this included in the PSU warranty?

Should I bring back only the PSU or all affected parts?




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To clarify, your meter showed both your old and your new PSU delivering 14v? I'm wondering if something outside of the PSU was screwing them up, or if the meter was on a wrong setting, or if the meter itself is screwed up.
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