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TX850W problem


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Im looking for advice on a problem i have had. I contacted corsair through their technical support but have had no response.


Sunday i turned on my computer and after some web browsing the entire power justcut off from the system. the wholecomputer shut off, no crash, no blue screen.


Once this happened i could not turn the computer on. i unplugged the power cable and switched it off.


The next night i turned it on with no problems. During an online gameonce again my entire system shut off. once again it would not turn on but this time at all.

the power leds on my mother board were lit up but the system would not turn on.

after a few hours i tried to turn my computer on and everything flashes on for a split second and then the computeris dead.

it only does this flash on once then no life from the computer atall untill a few hours later


i have had my power supply for 4 months, my first corsair product. only powering the system i just built which is displayed here.


please help me if this is a psu problem or something else and what i should do next.



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I would first get this on a normal PC monitor and if that doesn't work pull everything off and see if you can get it to POST and start adding components until you find the one thats causing the problem. I have seen things you would not think could cause such a problem like keyboards and mice be the offending part.
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Yes, it is #15 & 16. #16 is the only green wire and you can short it to anyone of the black wires. Any PSU tester should work but some older ones may report error on -5V, there is no -5V on today's PSUs.
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