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Memory replacement?


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I write from Spain.

Did not know anything about this problem, then I ordered the GT kit to my dealer on last Friday, and yerterday, Saturday, I received the package. I am severely testing the sticks and seems to work well, but now I feel completely unsafe with them.

My dealer sold me the product after the Corsair announcement of to remove this Ram from the market.

What should I do in this case?


Thanks in advance.

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Very good news for me:

My dealer has obtained a good agreement with Corsair Europe: going to change my ram for the new model of Dominator GT.

The problem now is that i must wait for the change 3 weeks (because of the logistics of my dealer, not Corsair), and i want to accelerate the process. How i can contact with the store in Holland of Corsair (i think it is in Holland where the central warehouse), to send them my ram directly?

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