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Got the H50 today


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Got the H50 today and wow what a difference in trying to install this vs. a regular heatsink. Ive ran into only one problem. The connector from the fan isnt long enough to reach the hedder on the motherboard. Ill be ordering an adapter tomorrow.


Now, according to the instructions youre suppose to have the fan bring in air from the outside over the radiator and into the case. Seems contrary to usual setup but I did it. Now, the main question I have is I have a front fan blowing in and a rear fan blowing in. Doesnt seem a good system of air flow. Should I have the air go from the back of the case out the front? Just turn the front 120mm fan around and do it that way? I also have 3 side fans which way should they be going?


Other than that its been smooth going from air cooling to this. It dropped my temp by 15degrees straight off from the stock cooler. Cant wait to see what it will be when air flow is adjusted and things get all cozy inside.


Any ideas?



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i dont know what ur capable of mod-wise, but here is what i intend to do when i get mine set up properly.


my case has a lot of fan options, the ones im gona use for the h50 are a 120mm side fan and a 140mm top fan. Im gona attach the radiator to the side of the case, then ill attach the 120mm corsair pwm fan to the radiator. from there im gona make a duct that turns 90 degrees up to the 140mm top fan.


this way cold air comes in at the side, blows over the radiator, and gets sucked straight back out through the top fan, without blowing hot air over my already very hot nb/ram etc.

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