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Dell XPS 730 Memory settings via Bios and overclocking -Need Help!


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Dell XPS 730 Memory settings via Bios and overclocking -Need Help!

08 Aug 2009 05:46PM


I recently purchased a memory upgrade for my Dell XPS 730. The memory modules are from Corsair,Manf. part# TW3X4G1600C9DHX G or Dell Part # A1640633, and I have 4 of them to give me 8 gigs of memory. I am using Vista 32 bit and I know the 4 gig limitation but I bought them because I'm going up to Windows 7 64-bit soon and also for future proofing if I plan on upgrading my motherboard in the near future. Currently, the actual memory speed is only 1066.7. The chips can go up to 1600. I am buying a fan for the memory modules and I need help in setting up the bios (ver 1.06) so I get can the best bang for my buck on these sticks. I have a Core 2 Extreme CPU X9650 and I do not want to overclock it, just the memory. If I can get it to 1333 and it is stable that would be great! Below are my specs:


Memory chips:




2048 MB ea - 4 total




1.80 V


Ver. 1.2






Advanced - Overclock Config -


FSB Memory Clock Mode Auto


FSB (QDR) Mhz Auto


Actual (QDR) Mhz 1333.3


Mem (DDR), Mhz Auto


Actual Mem (DDR), Mhz 1066.7


Advanced - Overclock Config -Memory Timing Setting


Memory Timing Setting Optimal


x tcL (Cas Latency) - Setting Auto (0) - Current Value 17


x tRCD - Setting Auto (10) - Current Vaule 7


x tRP - Setting Auto (4) - Current Value 7


x tRAS - Setting Auto (7) - Current Value 20


x Command Per Clock (CMD) - Setting (7T) - Current Value 6T


Advanced Memory Settings -


x tRRD - Setting Auto (7) - Current Value 4


x tRC - Setting Auto (20) - Current Value 27


x tWR - Setting Auto (0) - Current Value 10


x tWTR - Setting Auto (59) Current Value 0


x tFAW -Setting Auto (8) - Current Value 0


x tREF Setting Auto Current Value 7.7uS


Advanced - Overvoltage Configuration


Memory - Setting Auto - Current Value 1.500V


Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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I've got the recommend / gaurunteed compatible Corsair ram. 8gb total. Tried 9-9-9-24, 1.5v, etc.. Very unstable.. Completely unstable with all 8gb installed, very unstable at 6gb, semi-unstable at 4gb.. meaning I can use the computer maybe 2 hrs before it craps the bed.


I'm not sure what the deal is, but its very frustrating. I'm also running BIOS 1.06.

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