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CMPSU-650TX Not working


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I am from Nicaragua, I buy Corsair 650 Watt PFC Power Supply CMPSU-650TX source from Andrew's Synergy Associates eBay Store, I want to know if I have warranty? staying in Nicaragua affect my warranty with Corsair?

My problem is that my 650 watt TX source does not work from the start, I turn on and stops immediately. It's load by generating a second and then nothing!

I did tests on XFX 630i ATX motherboards and evidence connected to a single fan with a clip, is the same result.

Who can help me!

Purchase date: 8/5/09

For installation I used:

MB: XFX 630i ATX GF7100, Core2Quad 6600 2.4, WD-400GB HD, Supertalent DDR2 800hz.

(OLD PSU Coolmax V-600)

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Their site says they have a 30 day warranty.


Keep in mind that Corsair's warranty doesn't cover products bought from end users. However, the seller's site says they are a brick and mortar store, so if you have a receipt from them, I'd ask them who their distributor is. If they can give you sufficient proof that they are indeed a real business with dealings with an authorized Corsair reseller, then the warranty MAY be intact.


HOWEVER, taking a deeper look into their website, everything I see looks to be used, which wouldn't be covered.

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Ok Wired. Thanks all you said it is very useful, perhaps I am not covered by corsair.

The seller said: "We have a 30 day guarantee against DOA, return shipping is not covered, but your locations does not affect it. You can use the manufacturers warranty at any time. You should be able to contact the manufacture to register warranty or discuss issues with them "

In my country there aren't parts, or personnel that may fix the PSU.

Only Corsair could help me!

It seems they will not

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