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New system specs and HX1000W


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I currently in the process of upgrading my current PC to a few better parts to include the 1000HX psu. Here is a list of my parts I want


1. 2x EVGA GTX 260 216 cores

2. 6gb OCZ 1600 triple channel mem

3. 3 640gb WD Black HD's sata 3g

4. 1 X-fi titanium series sound card

5. X58 EVGA Classified motherboard


I currently have 1 GTX 260 a 9800gtx for a ppu and core i7 for my cpu.


Basically what I was wonder was if I can tri-sli these cards with a ppu and a sound card with a total 5 sata HD's 1x dvd combo with the 1000 HX. The reason I ask is because I have done the wattage calculator from newegg and a few other sites and have diff wattages come back when I hit calculate for the above specs. ANy info would be great thanks :D

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