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Bootup problems with Flash Voyager 16Gb plugged-in


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For some reason my Acer AOA 150 doesn't want to to boot-up with Flash Voyager 16 Gb plugged-in. It hangs on POST screen with no respect to any key pressed. Once booted into windows without a stick, it works fine (can format, read and write onto it). I've also checked it against other systems (my desktop and another laptop) - they boot, but it takes around half a minute to identify Flash Voyager during BIOS stage. Any ideas where the problem could be?


With best regards.


UPDATE: Acer boots fine with other (older and 512 Mb) USB flash drive from other vendor.


FIXED Don't know how. I've just recreated partition on flash drive with Vista diskpart, formatted in ntfs, then re-formatted in fat32, then plugged in DVD player with USB support and then back to apsire one. Sounds weird, but works now. Probably I just finally plugged it more tightly :) Who knows...

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