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VS2GB800D2 Problem


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Hi Ramguy.,i'm working at computer shop in Malaysia.,and our shop always sell system with corsair VS2GB800D2 ram.,but my question is.,the ram always have problem with package system.,even with single ram also have problem like BSOD.,HANG AT POST SCREEN.,CANNOT BOOT.,our package system most use with GIGABYTE EG31M-ES2L.,ECS G31T-M.,but sometimes the problem happen with all motherboard brand and with all model AMD or INTEL.,i'm very appreciate if u can give me the solutions how to solve this problem..


Your reply is kindly appreciated..



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Our system package always use E5200 & E5300 also E7400 & E7500 processor.,mainboard sometimes depend on customer.,for the package we use Gigabyte G31M-ES2L.,ECS G31-M.,also like Asrock G31 m/b.,


The full spec as follows.


E5200 or E5300

Gigabyte G31M-ES2L

Corsair VS8002GBD2 (2 Modules)

Hitachi 160GB Sata


ECS 9400GT 512MB D2 or ECS 9500GT 512MB D3

Power Logic 450w PSU


The problem always happen with system running 2 modules..

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