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PSU Shuts down with TWIN2X4096-6400C5C and Asus PQ5 Deluxe


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The system powers off and on with both memory modules installed, usually at POST but sometimes at windows startup or even after login.


The system works fine with 1 module installed, doesn't matter which one.


At first I replaced the PSU but the problem persists, secondly i replaced the memory thinking it was a memory issue, same problem...


This is a server thats been down for a week now, help! :(:

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If the system will run and pass http://www.memtest.org with either module one at a time but does this when both are installed that would suggest there may be a problem with the MB especially if you replaced the PSU and still have the same issue. But I would test them in another system to be sure.


Thanks for the quick reply....


Memtest clears both memory's so i will go ahead and replace the mobo... hoping that the onboard Intel Matrix RAID is smart enough survive the mobo change! :sigh!:

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