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Is 550VXEU supposed to use 14 watt when off!


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For the last couple of days I've been checking things in the house for power usage.


Since the usage of the computer suprised me I've done some troubleshooting.


If I turn the computer off, the computer is using 32 watt.

If I pull the power cord from the PSU it goes down to 0 watt.

On the back, the psu has a on/off switch, if I set it to OFF, it will still use 14 watt.


I would imagine that setting the switch to OFF would use the same as pulling the cord.


Is there something wrong with my PSU, or is there a reason that it's using power even when turned off?

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I'm not sure if it's the right term to use or not.

Here's an example, where you can see how it could look, this one is not identical to the one I use. I could not find a picture of it on the net... but you get the idea!



I guess you know what it is and how it is connected. If not here it goes:

You put this one in the power jack on the wall, and put a power cord from the PSU to the meter. That way all power will go through this thingy, and it will measure how much power it uses!

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