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8 GB Corsair Voyager Slow Write Performance (Again)


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a couple of weeks ago I bought the aforementioned model of your Corsair Voyager, but he suffered of pretty much the same problem that was described here -> http://forum.corsair.com/forums/showthread.php?t=79464.


After doing everything as Corsair Support advised in that thread it yielded exactly zero results, so I was forced to invoke the warranty and return it back to my vendor.


I got my replacement in a couple of days, but the problem is - the stick is even worse!


I have ~13 MB read speed and 5-7 MB write speed which is, compared to your 2 GB model, really sluggish. I confirmed these figures on three different computers and two OS (just as I did the previous time).


I also ran through the procedure of formatting the stick a couple of times with SD Card Formatter but I came up short with that - the transfer rates are again pretty bad.


So, three questions:

1) Is there anything I can do to remedy this besides invoking the RMA (again)?

2) Am I eligible for RMA with this poor speeds?

3) Is there any chance we could actually know what are the official R/W speeds of Corsair Voyager products?


Thank you very much for your time


With regards

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