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16 GB Voyager GT Problem


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Stick work fine on my main computer with intel p45 board, but on my second comp - abit an7 nforce 2 board when i start to copy something stick disappear and reappear (of course copy report error) and it didn't work.

Other sticks and creative movo t100 work without problem.

What can i do?


Also, hd bench report R:31960 W:10019 RR: 32120 RW: 4631 (100mb)


Is that normal?


thanks you...

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I have the same problem with my flash voyager gt 16gb. I transfer a movie (or any large file) onto it, works well and fast there. But transferring it back off the flash voyager, it disconnects and reconnects and the transfer is interrupted.


A strange example tho: transferring a 171 MB video clip to and from the flash voyager works fine. After safely disconnecting and reconnecting the usb drive does the same file cause it to disconnect and reconnect.


Small files such as documents, or small programs have no problem at all and all usb ports have been tested. My motherboard is also nForce and the latest driver did not help.

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Have you tried reformatting the drive to see if this solves the issue? If it doesn't best to have it replaced.


Yea man, I reformatted a few times and changed the file system too. None of them work any better. :[pouts: Guess its RMA time.


Cheers for the advice anyway

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I have the same problem. I use my Flash voyager GT on almost every Computer without problem, but my own. It can't read large files from the flash drive, it disconnects and reconnects during the procedure. I tried on linux too, it shows I/O error there. I already changed the motherboard recently and it still doesn't work properly. It was plugged directly into the motherboard's USB port. The previous motherboard also had nforce chipset (nForce2 Ultra 400)


What should I do?

Thanks in advance.

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