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TR3X6G2000C8GTF fails memtest


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Hi guys. I am having trouble with my TR3X6G2000C8GTF memory passing hci memtest. After about 10-20 mins I get a fail and another in about the same time frame. Prime95 runs no problem during the same period.


I am running the memory @1600mhz / 2:12 / 8,8,8,24 2T. I have the CPU VTT set @200mV, DIMM set @1.650v and every thing else is set yo auto. The CPU is set at 133x24, so the systems running stock.


Any help would be appreciated :).


Edit: Have changed the CPU VTT to 200mV and adjusted the QPI PLL from its stock 1.1v to 1.425 and going to test that.

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i believe we were waiting for your memtest86 results because Corsair does not endorse HCI memtest as a testing tool at this time. HCI memtest does not fully test the RAM since it will not test the areas that are filled with windows files.

im glad you found the problem though!

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