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Adding memory to an Asus F5 Laptop


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I'm trying to upgrade the memory on an Asus F5R Laptop with 1 GB. I bought a single VS1GSDS667D2 module. The Memory Configurator suggested VS1GSDS533D2 but the memory already installed was DDR2-667 (hymp512g64cp8-y5) so i got that instead. After adding the memory vista still reports 1 GB. Both the old and the new memory works fine on their own in both slots. cpu-z can see both modules and reports 2 GB but not the BIOS or vista.

Are the two modules incompatible? I have used memory from different manufacturers before without problems, though never on a laptop.

If I get a second Corsair memory, will two VS1GSDS667D2 modules work or should I get the VS1GSDS533D2 suggested by the Memory Configurator? The VS1GSDS667D2 module works on its own and the computer supports DDR2-667 (according to asus) so a pair of these should work right? Or is there a difference between one and two modules?


Thanks in advance



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