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can't get those 1600MHz on TR3X6G1600C8D


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hi again! i tried to but can't anyway.


i tried:

- updated my mboard's bios to v1.4

- overclocked bus speed to 240 x16 andachiveived 1600MHz DRAM speed and adjusted dram dividion to 1:3:33 and when windows starts loadin, computer restarts. i think it's because of CPU owerheat.

so i unable to load windows vista x64.

then i tried to adjust that way:

bus 200MHZ x16

DRAM dividion 1:4

after that a achievived 1600MHz DRAM. windows is loading, but is unstable. mboard frequently unexpecticaly resets or frozing.


how to get stable sys with 1600MHz DRAM, not non-factory's 1333MHZ. my memory is 1600MHz not 1333 :((

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  • Corsair Employees

The part TR3X6G1600C8D would be for a Core I7 system and the system you have now will not support DDR1600. Normally DDR1333 or DDR1066 would be the Max for that platform unless you over clock the CPU.

If its stable at DDR1333 then I would leave it there and search for the MB and CPU you have on over clockers.com or how to over clock __MB___ ___CPU___ to DDR1600 using Google and or search for MB reviews as they will normally give the settings they use.

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