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low writing speed of small files on a flash voyager 8gb


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Hello. A friend of mine received a new 8GB Flash Voyager drive as a replacement for a defective (>1 year old) 8GB Flash Voyager drive. Compared to the old drive, the new one behaves differently. The upsetting issue is the low efficiency when writing small files on it (images for example, <300kB). It stalls on each file, the overall speed is very small (<400kB/s), the system becomes much less responsive (even if the CPU is <5%, probably due to DMA transfers). When writing large files the speed is as expected. After interrupting the session of writing many small files, the drive's LED will continue to blink for up to several tens of seconds, compared to a few seconds when writing large files. Reading small files of it (after clearing the cache) is without a problem.


It doesn't matter if the drive is formatted FAT32 or NTFS. The drive has been tested on several different systems (AMD&Intel platforms). The screenshots were taken on a XP Pro SP3 machine, Intel P35 chipset, antivirus disabled.


My questions are: does it work as it should? Should my friend go to the reseller an ask for another replacement? is it a fake? the codes written on it are:









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I first formatted full (erase on) + size adj on (I wasn't aware what erase on and size adj meant)

I 2nd formatted full (erase off) + size adj off


While formatting, there were some sections where I could observe each state of the counter for half of a second. Normally the 3 least important digits would be indistinguishable.


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I purchased yesterday a Voyager 8GB after good reviews about the Voyager family. But when I tried to copy some files (lik mp3 and drivers) on it, it took quite a time. After reading this thread i formatted it with the panasonic utility and the situation improved but only slightly. when i bench it with the recomended utiity and the 100mb file the sustained write is 8000kb/s (which sounds good) and the random write about 1800. when i test it with 4mb size(more typical of mp3 size) the random write falls significaly to 816kb/s and you can feel it too when you actually write them as it takes ages to complete.

The old generic 4gb one stayed at 2200kb/s random writes at both settings.

Is this behavior normal?




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very well but on the other hand my voyager is unusable for any other job minus copying xtra large files in it. its performance for files smaller than 4mb means no mp3 for the car or work folders from structual program with lots of small files as it takes forever to write them. wished i had read first your sticky about how you changed the internals from slc to mlc, then i wouldnt put faith on so many raging reviews about the voyager. for me as it is now is not above the middle as you state because most other middle class usb sticks i have manage small files far better not to mention one high end stick i have. after three excellant psus and a couple of rams this stick leaves me a bad taste.

all the above are written in good faith and please if you change the internals of a product mark it as a rev.2 so we know that something happened

As it is i would not recommend this stick to anyone close to me

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