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Urgent Question for Voyager GT & Survivor GT


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hi, im from malaysia..

i was searching all over the place for Survivor GT and can't find it.. the dealer said survivor GT hs stop production, may i know was it true ? or just because he want me to get Voyager GT..


may i know , does the Voyager GT , copy file really faster than normal pendrive? because im buying it.. wanna know does is worth it. it's not cheap, hope some1 can answer my question.. i've read some post.. but my english not very good.. don't really understand..


can any1 tell me the date of Survivor GT and Voyager GT launch? because i wanna find out which product launch 1st..


im buying the Voyager GT, force to get Voyager because i can't find Survivor.



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Currently the only size for survivor GT would be 8 and 16 Gig and they are still in production just in shortage. However, we will be releasing larger size Survivors shortly with them next few months I would expect to see them hit the stores.
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