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So i have some bad RAM. what will i get back if i RMA it?


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I have 2 sticks of DDR 256mb part number VS256MB400C3 from LOT#0419013-1. they were in use on an Abit IS7 motherboard with a 2.8ghz pentium 4 northwood core with HT since 2004. the board went bad recently, so i decommissioned the system and salvaged the parts out of it. i dropped these 2 sticks of ram into an EVGA NF47 board i own (model 123-K8-NF47-AX) to do my standard test routine on them (memtest86+ and OCCTv3 large FTT, both overnight). everything worked fine. tested them in another board (same model) just to make sure, again, everything works fine. so i run them for a week, and then my system crashes with a BSOD while running a memory hungry encode. i reboot, and i BSOD before getting into windows. i ran memtest86+ again and the second it starts im hit by errors on every single bit. i let it run for a minute or so before memtest just stops looking for more errors. i switch the slots the modules are in, and test again, to the same results. i tested each stick individually, same results. i tested in my other motherboard again, same results. i even tried underclocking the ram to 333mhz, and it still failed immediately. the boards were new in box when i got them, as were the CPUs, and both have only been lightly used since 2006. these errors are only reported when i stick this memory in, it works fine with all the other DDR memory i have lying around.


so my question, if i were to RMA both sticks of ram, what might i get back in return? i understand that corsair will sometimes ship newer memory (ddr2 for example) to customers based on what they originally purchased if it will fix their problem, or if they no longer have any stock of the original memory available to replace it with. I am curious because i had some other non corsair DDR fail on me recently as well, and im looking to just phase out most of my DDR based systems if possible. the cost of selling everything off would pay for a newer system based on DDR2 or 3, and considering this memory probably cost about $100-150 when i got it im just curious what i would get in return.

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