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i7 920 DO OC w/Corsair 12gb HX3X12G1600C9 Modules

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I am using ASUS R2E Mobo and only ran these settings for about two hours. Any help on getting better timings on my ram with the current config?


AI overclock - Manual

OC from CPU level up - Auto

OC from Memory level up - Auto

CPU Ratio setting - 20.0


CPU configuration

CPU Ratio Setting - 20.0

C1E Support - Disable

Hardware prefetcher - Enabled

Adjacent Cache line prefetcher - Enabled

Intel Virtualization tech - Disabled

CPU TM Function - Disabled

Execute Disabled bit - Disabled

Intel HT Technology - Enabled

Active Processor Cores - All

A20M - Enabled

Intel Speedstep tech - Enabled

Intel C-STATE tech - Disabled


BCLK frequency - 190

PCIE frequency - 105

DRAM frequency - DDR3 1523MHz

UCLK frequency - 3237MHz

QPI frequency - 6857


Dram timing control

1st information - 9-9-9-24-6-88-12-8-30-0

2nd information - 2N-64-65-67

3rd information - 6-6-18-10-10-10-7-6-4-7-7-4


EPU II phase control - Full Phase

Load-line calibration - Disabled

CPU differential amplitude - 800mv

Extreme OV - Disabled


Current voltage 1.144v - 1.812v - 1.369v

Cpu voltage - 1.30

CPU PLL voltage - Auto

QPI-Dram voltage - 1.35


Current voltage 1.131v - 1.508v - 1.111v - 1.508v

IOH voltage - Auto

IOH PCIE voltage - Auto

ICH voltage- Auto

ICH PCIE voltage - Auto


Current voltage 1.59

DRAM Bus voltage - 1.60381

DRAM REF voltage - Auto


Debug mode - string

Keyboard TweakIt control - Disabled


CPU spread spectrum - Disabled

PCIE spectrum - Disabled

CPU clock skew - Auto

IOH clock skew - Auto

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Have you test:

AI overclock - XMP ??


and, on my P6T deluxe V2 i got a probleme with the bios factory install.

To use 12Go of DDR3, i have patch to the lastest version of the bios.


so if AI overclock - XMP is not stable or won't work, try to update your bios.

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