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550W VX faulty?


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Hey all,


I recently bought a new corsair PSU after my old je********h one stopped working after about 3 years of use.


The power supply was working fine, then yesterday my graphics card stopped working on the 2nd output, so I took that out to clean it in case it was a faulty connection. It was still faulty after this, so I tried connecting the gfx card via 2 standard 4 pin connectors into an 6-pin PCI-E (it was set up like this on the old PSU) when I did this, the fans just jerked like there was not enough power to start.


Then I put it back to it's original config which had been working fine. I switch this on and my HD smokes!


I quickly turn off the power, take out my hard drives, graphics card, cd-rom etc.


Now when I turn the power on on the PSU, the fans on the PSU and case spin, and I get a green light on my MB. However it work start up.


Has the PSU burnt out? I wouldn't have thought it would burn out my HD (maybe it was just old and was its time) SHould I get the PSU checked, or is there something else I can do to check the PSU is ok before I get it check out?



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