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RAM recognition


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I am having all sorts of odd issues with getting my BIOS to post the correct amount of RAM. I have a Gigabyte EX58 UDR3 and 3x2 gb of Corsair DDR3 1333C9.


It only ever recognises 4gb in the BIOS post, but 6GB in Windows. I have changed the timings in the BIOS to 9-9-9-24 and upped the Voltage to 1.6 and yes the full amount of RAM gets recognised, and here's the bit I don't understand, none of my Hard drives get picked up.


I haven't made any other changes or overclocks at this stage so I am a tad baffled.


Any ideas please?


Well I have got my answer, albeit it has now created another problem, well pain in the *** issue. I increased my timings to the recommended 9-9-9-24-2 and the voltage to 1.66, voila!! 6gb RAM and my hard drives. Now my overclock has gone to pieces so although I am seeing RAM and HD's I can only get the system to run at stock 2.66 which is a bit of a pain...back to the drawing board

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Thanks for coming back to me, I have things running stable now, needed to change a few voltages. RAM only ever shows as 1066 though ave at stock settings, its now at 1140. In CPUID it is 2:6 with NB Frequency of 2470 and DRAM of 570.


I almost sound like I know what I'm talking about:D:

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