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6 to 8 pin PCI-E Converters on HX520W


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Hi guys,


It's been a while, and all has been well with my PSU since purchase. It's been quiet and very reliable and done everything I wanted it too, whilst not cramming the case with unnecessary cables. You also sorted my gfx issue with advice when I thought it was originally borked and might have been the PSU, with the changing of the PCI-E frequency trick. Thanks for that! (And I think I still owe ramguy or yellowbeard that drink lol)


Anyway, onto my question that probably 1 million peeps have asked by now. How do I get the 8 pin pci-e cables that I were not supplied with my PSU originally but were put into later revisions? I know there's a cost involved, I just wonder how you go about it.



Matthew (England)

BTW... strange to see the forum as 'corsair support forum' rather than 'houseofhelp' :)

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