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i have a question


if invert the fan so he will take the air from inside of the case and throw the air outside of the case do i will lose performace? i have a good case air circulation a 230 mm fan on the case door and 2 intake fan



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Your going to be fine with that 99%, issues arise when the case is hot, then the point is bring in cool air through the rad and then into your hopefuly well vented (through a top fan?) case.


It sounds like your case is already at a very low temp inside with a possible difference of only one or two deg from the inside of the case to the outside.


I guess if you wanted to be acurate you would messure your inside case temp.


Are you using the case in a really warm place currently or is it normal room temp?


Those are some pointers I dont work for corsair, you may wish to await a fuller answer from the support people here.



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  • Corsair Employees
You can try reversing the fan and see if that gives you better performance, but from what we have seen you will cool the CPU more efficiently by drawing outside air in through the radiator, instead of blowing the hot air from within the case out through the radiator. Our recommendation is just that, a recommendation, you can try mounting it any way you like, since every system is different your particular system may benefit more from an alternative mounting method, but there is only one way to find out.
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thanks for the reply i will try that i have ask it too cause my case got 2 exhaust fan on the back and one on the top so i think is better if i wont take air from where i pull out the hot air lol but i think the 230 mm fan is fine for the radiator cooling also the vga is divide from the cpu by a compartment so the heat wont come up


and no the case is on a good place and the room tempo is 20 -25 c


i think the cooling is not the problem of my case just for be sure i ask that




As per the rules, please wait 24 hours before bumping a thread. Your first post was before they were open, and your bump was only 30 min after they opened up for the day.

lol don't have 24 h i am using the notebook atm i hate small screen :V



well ill test it for some h whit prime95 and check the tempo^^ mm some know what is the temp of a q6600 3.0 ghz ? so i know how the temp need to be

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well after 2 day i can say work perfect q6600 3 ghz 40 c idle 50 55 max load


rly a good product the h50 great job


one question where i can find some screws for mont a second fan on the radietor cant find this screws


They are 6-32 X 1 1/4" machine screws, Any hardware store should have them, I got mine at Lowe's.

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