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BSOD - dumping physical memory woes


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I built a new rig and merely 2 weeks later got a BSOD. It came and went quickly, so the only info I could really see on there was a memory error and a message showing it dumping the physical memory. At first this only happened in the middle of playing PC games, then it became more frequent. I ran memtest and it encountered errors during the scan, then gave me BSOD before the scan could complete. Eventually it got to the point that it consistently BSOD as soon as I entered my password and began the login process into Vista. Safe mode would log me in, but then BSOD minutes later.


I was able to exchange my RAM from the company I purchased it from, and it seemed to do the trick. Until one week later, I got the error during a game. It has since happened 3 times more, and I fear it will follow the same course once again. I ran memtest but no errors were detected. Also my computer recognizes all 6GB are there. Is it possible that RAM can be corrupted by something else, like the Mobo? Or maybe I just got another bad batch of RAM?

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I ran the memtest86+. I let it go 1 pass for 45 minutes and it completed without errors.


As for the BIOS settings, there are quite a few to list so instead I took pics of the relevant screens.







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Try testing each stick on at a time in memtest using the middle Dimm slot. See if one generates errors. Also try running your system running one stick each at a time and see if the issue continues to happen on each stick by itself or only on one stick. Let us know the results!
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