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850HX Question


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So i need some advise, due to the MATX build im doing, i dont have alot of space in the P180Mini.


Im trying to avoid the 1000HX due to the length of the unit and the placement of the cd roms at the bottom of the case.


Here is what my machine will have for specs when im done and want to know if the 850HX can handle the task of powering it.


4 120 MM Fans, 1 200 MM Fan - both stock antec

X58 EVGA MicroATX Board

I7 920 2.66 GHZ

12 GB DDR3 1600 MHZ Ram

1TB Caviar Black HDD

2 Plextor 24X DVD Burners

2 EVGA GTX 285 2GB Video Cards in SLI

Stock Network, Sound Etc.

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