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HX620 and reboots


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My computer freezes or reboots at boot or at Windows loading or during Windows, without blue screen displayed. Just shuting down and reboot.


I checked all components : it's my PSU Corsair HX620 which causes the problem. Indeed, I replaced it by another and all is good.


As it is still under warranty, I'd like to know how to have this one replaced.





PS : I'm not English so my language is not that good, sorry.

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Hello Ram Guy


I filled the RMA request.

I go on holidays during the next 3-4 weeks.

I will send my PSU at the end of august or at the beginning of september.


If I have any questions about how to do, I'll ask you, thanks!



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Finally, I will send my PSU via the website where I bought it (http://www.materiel.net) because it is less expensive. Can you assure me that they will send me another one if I send this explanation to them?


(It was in French so I tried to translate as well as I could)




It's been a few months that my PSU have worked perfectly, until a few weeks ago.


Computer started without any obvious reason to crash, without any blue screen of the death, as if the power as gone off. It was during the boot, the Windows loading or, if I had that chance, during the computer usage.


I posted on several websites used to computer problems and I did some diagnostics.


I downloaded and burned Ultimate Boot CD 4.1.1 and did some tests on hard drive and memory : no errors found. I changed my hard drive, my memory and reinstalled Windows with all the drivers, last BIOS of my mother board (it was very long because of the random reboots). I also changed my graphic card : same problem.


Mother board, CPU and PSU only remained to test. I changed the PSU for another and... no more problems ! All clean ! I replugged my Corsair PSU to be sure : the problem was there again !


Am I totally sure that they will send me another one?

Another question: shall I send my modular cables too or only the PSU?

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