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Stuttering CMFSSD-128GBG1D


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Yes. It has happened. Have been using lots of different samsung ssd's and have installed one of corsairs version in my laptop (Vista 32, all updates). Drive seems to run according to specs but as soon as I start using a few office applications at the same time everything pauses for 5-10 seconds. Ran a virus scan, nothing. Cloned the disk to a magnetic disk, everything fine.

Formated the SSD again in Vista, this time making a 100GB partition and leaving the remaining of space unused.

Everything seemed to be running fine initially. Installed updates, vista service packs and office --- again stuttering every couple of minutes. Cloned disk to another magnetic disk, yes you know, everything fine.


Haven;t had a problem with any of my samsung drives so I think this is related to the corsair one. Had the impression that they have the same controller etc, but it does not seem to be the case.


Any tips before returning the drive? Don't think I will be getting the same corsair again (not sure if the new generation ones are any better, but probably not worth going through the same routine).

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Had Win7 running previously but had not installed MS office or other programs. I am just wondering why the magnatic disks do not show the same behaviour. Is there any chance that there were versions of this SSD with a different controller?
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