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H50 weird temps on i7 920 - Gigabyte X58 Extreme


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I just gt my H5, I did exactly as explained in the manual...


It's a new rig, idle temps 49-59


I tried to re-seat it and made sure its mounted properly, but i still have high temps, im running latest bios F7


The problem is that I live in Cairo, Egypt, I don't know how the RMA would work. (If needed)


Please advise,



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I took it off, applied arctic Silver compound on top of the pre-themal


and etemps dropped to 34C


Should i remove all paste with thermal cleaner? then re-apply arctic or what?


Please advise,


Thank you

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Can I receive any support from the admins please?


I re-seated that product 3 times adter re-applying AS5.


On stock: idle temps 37C

OC: 3.6Ghz - 1.3VCore idle temp: 44C; one of the cores could get up to 80C on load


Thats with everest corp.


Ambient temp: 32-35C


Is that okay?

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I can't tell you what temperature your CPU should run at, because there are too many factors which I would not be aware of in your particular case. If you have followed the installation instructions then you should be fine, but just make sure you do not have the pump plugged into a header on the motherboard (some CPU fan headers will do this) which can vary the amount of power which is being supplied. You want the pump to be at full power all the time, for the best performance. You may want to try plugging it into a different header on the board just to see if there is any difference.
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