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Problems with new VX450W PSU - system does not reach POST screen

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I've recently bought a VX450W PSU to replace my old PSU in preperation for adding a new GPU to my system.


When I put the new PSU in the system fails to boot or to show any sign on the monitor. However, the light at the front of the tower does turn on, and the keyboard lights start flashing. This has confused me as it suggests that power is still reaching the system somehow. Does this mean that the problem is likely to be a faulty PSU, or that I hadn't installed one of the cables properly.


I'm pretty sure that the rest of the system is fine. Reinstalling the old PSU allows the computer to run perfectly well, no problems in loading.


Is it an issue that I live in the UK? The impression I got was that it auto-selected the right voltage setting though, so this shouldn't be a problem.


Thanks for your help. Hopefully it'll turn out to be something simple!

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Ok, the 'paperclip test' allowed the PSU to spin up fine. I also tried disconnecting the 24-pin plug from the motherboard and plugging in the old PSU to that; the computer then powered up fine, gave a signal to the monitor. (Everything else was plugged into the VX450W)


Does this suggest one of the cables is faulty?

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