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VX550W Question about PSU behavior


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During a gaming session my computer (in sig) shutdown. No freezing or crash... the screen went black and the whole system just turned off. Power button didn't work to turn the system back on. I unhooked all my peripherals, then turned the PSU supply switch off. Let the system cool off for a couple seconds while I checked the temps on various components. Proc, very cool, GPU, warm, HDD cool, memory, very cool, PSU, warm on the outside couldn't get an internal temp.

After a about half a minute. I hooked the system back up to power attached a ps/2 keyboard and monitor. When I turned on the PSU switch the PSU fan turned on as well at a low speed then turned off a 30 seconds later.

After this, the computer turned on fine and booted properly.

I'm just curious as to why this behavior (instant shut off and fan spinning up) is exhibited.

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This could caused by other components as well. If it is possible, I would suggest you to test the system with a different PSU to just be sure it is not other components.

So I did a little more testing (currently taking out individual DIMMs of memory). Sometimes it can't even stay on long enough to do a memtest or boot. The computer is POSTing though.

Something I've noticed while testing is a clicking noise coming from the PSU and a weird almost fishy-chemical smell.


UPDATE: RAM sticks passed memtest. Currently keeping computer on for a while to test stability.

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