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VX 550 Power supply issues (i think)


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I have the system from signature, which according to Antec PSU calculator shouldn't draw more than 300W on full load (acctually they say 230 W full load - everything 100%).


My room temperature is around 30 degrees C and I run F@H constantly. The ideea is that only with this app on (wich takes around 50% from CPU and maybe 80% from GPU) the PSU's cooler gets to a very audible RPM value (it's like going from nothing to very noisy). And there is very little exhaust air from PSU grille event when the ventilator it's at it's highest RPM (thus very, very noisy) and the case gets around 40 degrees from the PSU and PSU gets rather hot. There is also an exhaust fan (120mm) in the back of the case, under the PSU so case ventilation isn't the worse kind in the case, plus side panel has CPU and VGA honey combs grille.


From the online reviews and other user reviews i understood that this PSU unit was very quiet and cool; well it is not, my previous PSU (FSP 400W still alive) could handle the same system, and in full load was inaudible and would get half as hot as VX550.


Do i have a bad unit, or all behave the same way?

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Other thing i have changed to my system was removing the cpu air duct from side panel (i thought the air flow would be better), but seem case designers put that there with a scope :biggrin:.


I noticed the noise was from the CPU afterall, not the PSU. After reattaching CPU duct, everything seems nice and cool, even with Prime95, F@H and FurMark all started. So your PSU seems to behave as I have read in reviews. And it doesnt get hot anymore.


What a little CPU duct cand do for air flow. Keep those air ducts on guys, even if you don't have a cooler on it.

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