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Good day.


Why the sticks with more than 4GB of flash memory don't come formatted as NTFS ? I bought a 8GB Voyager & a 16GB GT & i couldn't believe my eyes two things:

- they were FAT32.

- how hard for me was to find a thread on the web which describes the proper steps to format the stick in NTFS.

When i buy a >4GB flash, i'm using it to transfer files bigger than 4GB, usually 6 - 8GB, or more. (.mkv or hd anyone ?)


I recon i didn't buy any flash recently -i have to do it know for transfer purposes - but if Corsair still sends sticks formatted as FAT32, it should provide a quick guide on how to format the thing into NTFS, thus saving time for those uninitiated.


As a side note, i made this user especially to address this question to guys at Corsair, 'cause i know they want feedback fm their customers. ;):

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why NTFS? theres too much overhead and the performance stinks compared to FAT32. (on a flash drive)

if you want it NTFS you can just format it that way yourself however dont expect to transfer anything in a hurry. and the files will take more space.


all you need to do is go to a command prompt and type "FORMAT x /FS:NTFS"


also in the sticks properties you can select "optimize for performance" or "optimize for quick removal" or something like that.

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If you buy a 4GB stick & transfer only small files, what you say holds water. But i think one of the reasons one buys such a stick is to transfer big chuncks of data, bigger than de 4GB limitation of the FAT32.

Oh, i didn't know tt command: it would have helped me buy some time. I gonna use it in the future when i will format the drive.

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