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How can I tell if my Voyager 16GB GT is real or fake?


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Ive just bought a Corsair 16Gb GT yesterday from a reputable PC store (i buy heaps of stuff off them, never a problem).


I plug this 16gb GT in and start to copy files (dumped several 3gb video files).


But im not sure if this is a real one or a fake, because the blue LED is off when not in use (which is normal), but when copying it stays on as opposed to flashing on and off.


Tried this on 3 PC's and have the same issues. My other Corsair voyagers (non GT - I have 1gb, 2gb, 4gb versions too) and these all have the blue flashing when copying files.


I had a read of this site, everything seems to be in order except for the flashing. Guess im just looking for some reassurance.




Also what other tests can i put it through to confirm if the usb is a real one.



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I got a fake from ebay..

I sent it to Corsair because it was not working right..

I called ebay and got my money back and a coupon for the amount of money it took to sent the drive to Corsair...


Watch out ebay sells alot of fakes....

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Where did you purchase the drive from? And are the number stamped on the USB, if so please post the numbers engraved in the USB?


A store called IJK (formerly umart in Sydney). I dont think the store is deliberately selling fakes, though they were selling those "Refurbished" corsair drives with 1 year warranty a while back.


There are numbers engraved on the USB are




EDIT: I just checked Corsair's "Where to buy" retailer list, and IJK is listed as one of the retailers.

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