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Different voltage of TWIN2X4096-6400C5 kit & non-adjustable mobo


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I bought a TWIN2X4096-6400C5 kit. The spec sheet on your website and the ad at NewEgg both said that this was 1.9v ram. However, once I had the product in hand, I saw that the label on the ram, as well as the SPD were programmed for 1.8v. No mention of 1.9v anywhere on the packaging.




So needless to say I am thoroughly confused. Is this ram supposed to run at 1.8v or 1.9v? Do I need to manually configure this in BIOS?



I am also confused... I'm using a desktop Compaq Presario SR5130NX with a non-adjustable mobo which runs memory voltage at default (I assume 1.8v). O/S is XP Hm SP2 32bit (yes, I know that only about 3GB of 4GB memory will show in XP 32bit).


Not being as savvy as others in this forum... can I run 1.9v memory (like this TWIN2X4096-6400C5 kit) in this "plain vanilla" mobo? (I already know that an error-free 2GB 2.0v kit won't work.) :confused:


Altho OEM memory is PC2-5300, Compaq/HP list PC2-6400 dual channel modules -- up to 4GB total -- as an allowable option. I'd prefer to use XMS rather than Value Select, if I can (assuming it's likely to be more stable).

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Thanks Wired. The user reviews & ratings on the XMS appear to be quite a bit better than those for Value Select. That's the reason for my stated preference. Accordingly, I would appreciate knowing if the 1.9v XMS (assuming it's actually 1.9v) will work in this OEM board (which I THINK runs memory slots @ 1.8v). Any possibility? :D:
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