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Yesterday I bought a HX620 for my new rig. The warranty information really should be more consistent, tbh:


Right on the front of the box there is indication that the PSU has a 5 year warranty.

The manual, page 3, indicates that the product is guaranteed for 84 months (7 years).

The manual, page 4, says that the HX620W/HX520W/HX450W is backed with a 5 year warranty.

Right under that on the same page (page 4), under the "Corsair Advantages" section, it explains that one of the advantages of the HX620/HX520W/HX450W PSUs is the "7 year warranty".


So I've come to the website for confirmation. The warranty FAQ in the forum links to http://www.corsair.com/warranty/default.aspx, which indicates the following:

"The 1000HX, 620HX & 520HX, TX and VS Series of Power Supplies have a 5 year warranty. The 450HX, 750HX & 850HX have a 7 year warranty".


So there you have it. Totally inconsistent warranty details. So, from the horses mouth, what REALLY is my warranty period for this HX620?


PS I bought the PSU in Sydney, Australia.

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Alright thanks for that bud, so 5 years is the answer.


In a perfect world I guess I wouldn't have had to ask this in a computer forum.


Corsair: It would pay to ensure the consistency of your documentation to avoid this confusion...




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Yes that is Correct this PSU has a 5 year warranty and I have mentioned this to the Product manager and I am sure they will address this in the next publication of the manual and I know we are working on some updates for the web site that will explain the warranty a bit beter as well.
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