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HX1000W Testing


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I've had the build running for a while. Then, one day, when I tried to power up, it wouldn't.


Most of the specs, I take it will be in my sig now? Anyway, EVGA X58 is the MB. The blue light on the MB lights. When I hit the power button on the case, a number of other lights seem to light up briefly then go out.


I pulled the PS from the unit (no small task after buttoning down all the wire routes with zipties, etc. @ original build), removed everything except a chassis fan. Using the paperclip I can make the fan spin.




Is it dead or working? Who knows. I'd love a better PS test. Anyone got one? I'm trying another PS and, if that doesn't work, another MB, hopefully. Just thought I'd ask in case someone can save me some time, hassle, and parts.



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