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TX750W Heat Issue


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Hey there,


I recently upgraded my video card from a Sapphire 4670 to a 4890 while using an OCZ StealthxStream 500W. I was told this was enough juice to get me running but I read differently. I was at the bare minimum of the 4890's requirements at 500W, and the OCZ was a lower end enthusiast model so I upgraded to the Corsair TX750W after reading numerous reviews saying the TX750W was awesome. Plus, I may Crossfire and would need more power/cables in the future so why not.


After I installed the TX750W, I smelled a funky industrial chemical smell for 2 days but figured maybe it was the PSU breaking in from its awesomeness which, probably was true. I also felt a warm draft from somewhere but didn't realize that it was coming from my computer case. I snooped around and found the TX750W was blowing out REALLY warm/hot air on its own, and I was concerned that it may be doing my computer some bad.


I ran CPUID Hardware Monitor and Everest and I noticed that all my temperatures are up!


I'm running a Zalman 9900 LED CPU cooler, which the PSU sits above and I can't understand why the computer's temperatures are heating up like that. After placing my hand on top of the computer case directly above from where the PSU sits, its warm all around the surrounding area. My CPU used to run at a smooth 32-34 degrees celcius at IDLE but now it's 47-52 degrees. And that's (32-34) AFTER I installed and ran the 4890 for 2 weeks.


It definitely isn't the video card, even though that is hot all on its own, but after some troubleshooting I went out and bought a bunch of case fans to install on the side, front and upgraded the one on the rear. I'm getting factory claimed temperatures from my 4890 (58-60) at idle, but the side fan is feeding the GPU which cools it a bit more. I ran these for a few days and saw that the temperatures are still warm coming out of the PSU and ONLY the PSU, but just as before the temperatures coming out of the rear fan which feeds from the CPU cooler is a near cold breeze. I've created a windtunnel in my case, but it doesn't seem to be helping much in terms of this heat!


Everest is telling me the PSU's fan is running just a tiny bit under 700rpm.


What's up with these temps? Is this PSU a faulty unit? I read a bit around this forum before I posted this, and I have tried running the PSU on the outside of the case but it's still warming up and spitting out warm/hot air which I guess would easily measure above 40 degrees (don't have a thermometer I could check with..) Luckily (or unfortunately whichever have you) this years summer season is pretty cold at an average 20 degrees here in Canada, otherwise it'd be a sauna in my room!


Any help you can provide would be great!



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