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Backward Compatibility of Corsair RAM for Presario laptops


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Hi Wired. I have a Compaq Presario 2570CA, taking DDR 266 PC2100 SO-DIMMs (as listed in your 'memory selector', with the largest being 512MB) to a max of 1GB total memory. (I believe all the Presario 2500 series laptops take the same RAM, which is why I posted in this thread.)


1. I thot that DDR 333 PC2700 SO-DIMMs were all backward compatible with DDR 266 PC2100 (and sometimes PC3200 modules backward compatible with PC2100). Am I mistaken? :confused:


2. If Corsair PC2700 SO-DIMMs are backward compatible, would they also be shown in the mem selector compatibility list for this laptop? Or does the mem selector only list the modules which exactly match the OEM spec?


3. Hopefully this isn't off-topic: Would it be possible to use 1x1GB SO-DIMM, or must I use 2x512MB? :roll:


I could sure use some advice on this, if possible.


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