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CMFSSD-128D1 Extreme questions

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I have just taken delivery of a supposedly retail drive purchased in the UK from Scan.co.uk. It arrived in a fairly anonymous white box without a hint of documentation of any sort. It would be useful to have some guidance on how to best to look after the drive. I have read elsewhere that one shouldn't format SSDs but I am not sure if this advice is correct. The Technical Support part of the Corsair website has yet to acknowledge that SSDs even exist! Any help would be gratefully received.
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try to keep it into one post as you could of asked both questions in one post


corsair drives norm come in White boxs (you know when you got corsair when you open the delivery box)


when installing windows vista or 7 the Only option is to quick format (when you press format or click empty space and click next/install)

on windows 7 you should only need to turn off the auto defrag on the SSD drive (make sure you have ran the windows experience index {WEI} so windows knows its an SSD, score should be 6.1-7.5 on the disk drive score)


things not to do on SSDs (any)

Full format

any benchmarks that do Full disk Write benchmark tests

keep 20GB free on the SSD so the drive can self heal (corsair X may still need the Trim Wiper tool)

do not run Free space wiper tools (ccleaner)

windows defrag

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I take your point about keeping it in one posting. I actually had it all in one message but then decided to split it as I have always understood from newsgroup postings that one should only ever cover one topic per post. I stand corrected!


Thanks for your SSD guidance. Hopefully Corsair will expand the FAQ to cover such issues before too long.

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