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P128 SSD i/o error


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I just received my P128 SSD - very excited! - cloned over my os from an xps m1330 laptop - now I'm receiving an i/o error when windows loads.


1. do I need to have my bios set to ahci mode ?


2. do I need to do a clean install ?


What are my options ? - anybody else have this problem ? -


I'm sure the drive is o.k., I'm just not doing something right...

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I used a number of them, starting with G4U (G4U couldn't read the disk) - ended up using a windows version "DiskCopy v2.3 - free, works well and fast - transfers 1.8 gb / s) -


After the clone, got the i/o error - I had to go in with GParted and Extended FDisk to reset the partition to NTFS - After getting the disk back I did a fresh install of Windows 7


I'm very happy with Windows 7 and the new install - I've done the SSD Tweaks - Windows now loads in about 5 seconds, Photoshop loads in 2 seconds. My performance score in Windows on the disk transfer rate is 6.9 out of 7.9 - I think this should be a little faster, perhaps all the formatting and such has already slowed the drive... but it's much faster than my seagate 7200 rpm.


Any advice on cleaning up the drive, I've read that Windows 7 release candidate doesn't have the trash cleaner feature (yet) - can I do this manually ?


Running Dell M1330, Intel T7500 2.20 GHZ core 2 duo, NVIDIA GeForce 8400M GS, 2 gigs ram, Corsair P128, Windows 7 64bit


---- update ----


drive has slowed down a bit after running for a few hours - windows now takes about 12 seconds to load, photoshop about 5 seconds - still pretty fast... would like to see the previous numbers.. how do you keep the disk clean after a delete has been made ?


---- update ----


One more thing - just found out my firmware is VBM18C1Q, which is the latest and greatest; from another post @ http://forum.corsair.com/v3/showthread.php?t=79679 'drives with firmware VBM18C1Q ... contains an algorithm that gives the memory cells an automatic refresh after 1 hour of inactivity' - so, maybe my worries about drive degradation are just paranoia.


p.s., I bought the drive from NewEgg - so if you want the P128 with the latest firmware, go there.

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One more question -


when installing the SSD


is ATA or AHCI recommended ? - I've read pros and cons for each -


does AHCI allow the trim command ?


I've setup in ATA mode - can't switch unless I re-install..


Anybody know ?


--- update ---


o.k., found a way to switch to AHCI from ATA and back easily in Windows 7 -


read this article - you just have to edit 1 registry setting and restart... sweet!


- just testing all this out, sorry for the randomness of my post...



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