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MSI K9A2 Platinum and CM2X1024-8500C5D


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I just got my system running and have been getting errors in prime95. Its weird, I can run it for hours with no errors at times but when it does flash me an error it happens almost immediately. Ive only been trying to use stock settings. What I want to do is just get it running stock and stable. From researching this forum, this is what Ive gathered and just want to be sure Ive got it right.


BIOS to fail safe defaults


FSB/DRAM at 1:2 to keep at 400mhz


default for memory volts on the MB is 1.8v, so I bump to to 2.1v (I have version 1.2 which says 2.20 volts, but when I change it to that in the BIOS it turns red and tells me its too much)


Set CAS 5 trcd 5 trp 5 tras 15 trc 24-28 (Ive left the trc at auto CPUz says they are 5 5 5 18 trc22 @400mhz Should I go with that?)


NB/MCH/SPP up the volts +.2 in bios (this is where I think Ive been missing something. The default in the bios is 1.25, by +.2 you mean raise it to 1.50 which is the next highest voltage right?)


Sorry for the newbish questioning but I just want it to run stable. Is there anything I may be missing?


I have only run memtest on all four sticks at once and have not come across errors but admittedly the longest Ive ran them at is four passes. I only get errors in prime95 and they are almost immediate when they show.

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Well that failed miserably.


I got an error running memtest overnight. I want to test them one by one and was wondering if I need to leave the voltage for the ram at the BIOS default of 1.8 or change it to the voltage the ram is rated at for the test (2.2v on the sticker). Would they be more likely to fail if undervolted like that?


When using 4 sticks, they wont run at 1066, only 800. Should I test the sticks at 1066 or 800 since they will be running at 800 all together?


Anybody? As you can see Im a bit confused....

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I tested all the sticks one by one and they are fine. I know they wont reach top speed with all 4 sticks. They just wont run stable when they are all installed. Im wondering about the NB. Do I need to bump up the voltage on the NB and set the memory to whats on the sticker (@800)? Anything with cpu volts as the controller is in the cpu?


As for now Ive taken 2 sticks out and Im running 2 at 1066 and stable.

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