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Mobo won't accept new memory


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I'm a bit new to this and trying my best to work out what I'm doing wrong and learn more about it all at the same time.


I've had problems with a module (a CMX512-3200XLPT) which I have an RMA to return it with the other functioning matched module. As this leaves me with no RAM, I ordered two (matched) CMX1024-3200C2PT modules by way of an upgrade after looking up my mobo (Abit IC7) on the compatibility website.


When it arrived, I plugged it in and my computer just beeped at me. Didn't even load enough to let me into the bios settings.


What am I missing?? :confused:


Thanks for you help.

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As with all these things, I found the answer minutes after posting for help.

I read more about timings - can't say I understand them - but I read up the timings the new memory needed and set those in the BIOS. I'm now running on 2GB of RAM - lots of excitement here.


What I'd like to know now is: am I getting the most out of my system? As far as I know my mobo and the new RAM are overclock-friendly but I'm not sure what to do about it.


My main use here is rendering video files in Sony Vegas when my CPU whirs away at 100% throughout. Can I increase the effective speed of processing by altering the BIOS settings? Is it just that I'm at my maximum CPU speed?


My main priority is stability - if that goes, I'm not interested in speed - but what settings do I need to be looking at to get the best stable speed?


Many thanks,

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