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Info on the fan speed of the HX450


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Hi, I've been trying to find out about the noise level emitted from the HX450's fan at various loads by rich (bit-tech) and was wondering if I'd be able to access any documentation that maybe lists the dBA of the fan at 100w-450w? I noticed that the new CX400 and HX450 are the only PSU's not to have this on the main page, it really disappoints me as noise is a ******** factor in ALL PSU buying for me. So basically it's get the HX450 for a build I'm doing for someone else or the ******** ModXStream Pro 500W which I know via reviews is quite quiet under various loads thanks to it's 13.5cm (14cm?) fan. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


EDIT: Oh come on man, just because a word I used matches with a ram manufacturer doesn't mean I'm damn advertising >:( You won't like this but if you had confidence in your products then you wouldn't feel the need to censor people from speaking of competition.


EDIT: Ok I'm sorry, I just HATE being censored.

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