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HX850 Fan Speed


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I'm between buying a HX850 or a revolution85+ 850 power supply as both have wonderful reviews and appear that they would both do everything that I need them to.


One thing that I like about the revolution85+ is the fact that it has a fan speed sensing wire so that I can confirm that the fan is indeed spinning and that the power supply isn't going to overheat without having to pull the side off the case.


I was wondering what type of alert the corsair unit will give me if if the fan stops spinning?


I was also curious how loud the 850HX is. I'm going for a nearly silent computer and was wondering if this PSU is going to be noticeable with sides on the case.




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We use only high quality parts in our PSU; in fact, this PSU is tested at a 50 degree Celsius (approx. 122F) to guarantee continuous 850 watt output. I doubt the PSU would ever get up to 50C even without the fan spinning. To answer your question, no our PSU does not have a fan speed sensing wire.
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