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Faulty CM2X2048-8500C5D

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I have 8 gb of ram in total in 2 kits of 4gb (2x2gb) - corsair dominator CM2X2048-8500C5D.


I had been having problems since day one but I really didnt think it was the ram. However I having ran memtest86 1 of the 2gb sticks is showing up a pile of errors.


A friend also has exactly the same memory 8gb. Having tested that in the computer it has been running for over 8 hours and counting on memtest86 at the minute with no errors (im leaving it a little longer yet ;))


So I would be fairly conclusive that its the ram thats at fault. We also tested it in his board and it was showing up errors too.


I purchased these at the same time so i would have 4 sticks of identical ram. Is it possible to return all of the ram to receive parts which are matched closer together (ie the ram I have here is version 2.1 - i would imagine when its replaced i will have a later version number and then have 2 different kits).




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