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DDR3 decision


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The OCZ3X1600LV6GKM RAM on my i7-920 overclocked (3.8GHz) PC has had one of it's triple memory modules failed.

I can still use the PC but now I only have 4GB instead of 6Gb

To get an RMA I have to send the whole kit back to OCZ or to the shop I purchased online from, leaving myself without a PC.

Or buy another set then send the failed RAM back for a replacement.

Which means I could have another 6GB RAM to put into my PC but what I read could cause problems with overclocking.

Okay I'm thinking of changing to Corsair memory, I have other PC's which use DDR2 Corsair RAM

My choices are:

Corsair Dominator TR3X6G1600C7D 6GB at AUS$249

Corsair TR3X6G1600C8D 6GB at AUS$212

I think the Dominator is probally the better buy and the memory timmings are better.

As you can see I'm from Australia.

Opinions please

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